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Paper Valuation,Grace Marks For Higher Semster UG/PG April/May Exams 2014

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Anna University Paper Valuation April May 2014 – 2nd 4th 6th 8th Semester Grace Marks Updates

Anna University April May 2014 Results UG PG 2nd 4th 6th 8th Semester Paper Valuation,Grace Marks Updates

Comment your Tough subject or which subject you need grace marks we will look forward to get grace marks details

Important : Grace Marks Awarded Only If Attended , or proceeded With Some reasonable Answers

Updates -1 

Subject : MA2262 probability and queueing theory

Status : No Grace Marks Given , Just Small Change In Awarding Marks

Total Grace  Marks : NIL

Question No: 14(a) (i)(ii) & 14(b) (i)(ii)  :- 

Actually The 14(a)(i) and 14(b)(i) carried 6 Marks , And 14(b)(ii) and 14(a)(ii) carries 10 Marks 
Updates -2 

Subject : MA2261 probability and random process

Status : Grace Marks Given , ( Only If You Have attended and Proceeded With relevant Answers )  

Total Grace  Marks : 24 (Only If You Have written relevant Answers)

Question No: 14(a) (i) :- The problem here in This question is 'a' and 'b' are not mentioned , If Students have attended and written relevant answers by assuming 'a' and 'b' - Marks will Be Awarded 
Question No: 15(a) (i) :- if Students have written atleast one property 8 marks will be awarded 

Question No: 13(a) (i) : - The problem here in This question is 'n' Value is not Given , Students has to assume and  attend like n=1,2,3,... infinite , If you have proceeded the problem with assumption like that then u wil be awarded 8 marks

EC2252 Communication Theory Grace mark Details:
Important : Grace Marks Awarded Only If Attended , or proceeded With Some reasonable Answers
Total Grace Marks Given : 36
two mark Questions 7,8 : 04 marks
Sixteen mark Questions 11b & 13a  : 32 Marks
total Grace Marks Awarded : 36 Marks

Update 4

EC2253 Electromagnetic Fields Grace mark Details:
Important : Grace Marks Awarded Only If Attended , or proceeded With Some reasonable Answers
Total Grace Marks Given : 20
two mark Questions 3,6,8 : 06 marks
Sixteen mark Questions   : 14 Marks( one 8 Marks and One 6 Marks In 12th and 13th Questions -  More Details Wil Be Updated Shortly )
total Grace Marks Awarded : 20 Marks


Latest Updates 19/06/2014

Paper Correction for 2nd semester (R2013) and Arrear Examinations were started and the correction is liberal in many zones. The correction is expected to finish soon. If not, then second phase of correction will take place.

Latest Updates 15/06/2014

Paper Valuation is Completed for 2nd,3rd,Final Year students, Most of the zones completed yesterday itself and next is changing dummy number to original numbers, Database upload.This time anna university publish result soon

And Introduce New System called comment System staff should comment about the question paper in CEO portal

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Latest Updates 13/06/2014

Sorry to say this but true we have not got any information about grace mark for any subject, many of them commented yesterday subjects are very tough.

Grace Marks can be given only when Out of questions, The tough subjects valuation will be liberal as usual..So, Please Don't get any frustrated unless result comes.

This time anna university will target students to get pass because of scheme has changed to 1st year.So, Don't worry friends 

Latest Update 09/06/2014

Paper Valuation is Going Very Smoothly and This time very sad news correction is not liberal as Saturday. Because today in One bundle most of them struggle to get pass
Updated on 07/06/2014

Paper Valuation is Started for Higher Semester UG/PG.This time tabulators are not include because it reduce the cost of valuation,This means there will be no sepearte papers to total the marks, This might accept the quality of the result So we are expecting more Positive and Negative Results 

Latest Updates On 2/06/2014

The Higher Semester Exams Are Almost Over, Now Anna University Going to Start their Paper Valuation on 7th June And to Be completed on 12th June.

And For 2nd Sem Paper Valuation is Going to Start on 18.06.2014

This Time Anna University Has Planned to Release the Result soon, Because Already Exams Have been Postponed due to Elections.

So, If they could not completed on the date then second phase of correction will be held

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Anna University UG/PG April/May 2014 For 2nd,4th,6th,8th Sem Result Declared

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Anna University Result 2014 for May / June Exams - 4th Sem, 6th Semester,8th Sem Exam Anna univ results

Result Published--All The Best
Check Result Server:- Result With GPA || Result With GPA

All The Best

Anna University Result for May / June 2014 Exams

Anna University April May 2014 revaluation result Announced for 8th sem . Info Very First @ only . Few of students may checked the results yesterday . But today only they released the full Revaluation Results . You can check the revaluaation results

Anna University Exams May June 2014 For 2nd sem , 4th semester, 6th Semester, 8th Semester Started On 15th May 2014 and Anna University Exams For April / May / June 2014 Exams Will Completed at the end of june 1st Week 2014 Month Exam Results For 4th sem, 6th sem and 8th Semester Anna University Affiliated Engineering College Be/BTECH/ME/MTECH students

Anna University April/May UG/PG Exam Have been Just Completed for the students, So students are eagerly waiting for the result, Anna University has Chennai,Madurai,Trichy,Coimbatore,Tirunelveli going to announced their result soon.

Latest Updates:

Anna University Going to announce the result soon for the 8th Sem Arrear Papers on end of june or 1st week of June, Though for other years 2nd,3rd likely to be after July 2nd week.

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Anna University May / June 2014 Results

Anna University May/June 2014 Results For BE / Btech UG and PG results are Yet To Announce By Anna University chennai . Anna univ result for 8th semester May /June Exam results Will Be probably Announced before the end of June 2013 month to facilitate students to Join for Jobs, higher studies  

Anna University Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai , Tirunelveli, Tirchy May / June 2014 Exam results For 8th Semester Already Announced And For other memners who does not got their result will be combined announced 

Students Can Check the Below After May June Exam results Has Announced

  • Anna University Examination Results 2014
  • Anna University Results May/June 2014
  • Anna University Results May / June 2014
  • Anna University Results Date for May / June Exams 2014
  • Anna University Results for UG 4th, 6th, 8th Semester Exams
Anna Univ results for May / June 2014 Examination Result announcing date will be displayed here very soon, Stay live for results

Anna University Result 2014 for May / June Exams - 4th Sem, 6th Semester, 8th Sem anna univ results

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CSE 2nd 4th 6th sem April May 2014 results ,
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Google Payday Loan Algorithm 2.0 Update Targets Spammy Queries,How it affect your Website/Blog

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Google has confirmed that they have released a new algorithm updates to their Pay Loan Algorithm Updated Last week, This Algorithm Targets the very Spam Queries and unrelated to Google Panda or Penguin Algorithm.

Why Google Payday Loan Algorithm Update:

 As we know that google Always Working on Removing spam from Search Engines and provides good search engine results.For This reason google brining New Algorithm to their search engine to remove all the spammy queries and whoever did Black hat SEO trick for their website to index in google first page. Already Google Panda has been updated to remove low quality content and some black hat tricks and google even say spam due to high no of guest posting sites.So for this spammy act google introduce New Algorithm that “Pay Day Loan” updates.

What is Google Payday Loan Algorithm?

The original Payday Loan Algorithm Launched on about an year ago June 11,2013.Then, Google Matt cuts told us the algorithm impacted 0.3% of the Us Queries.But,Also Matt said it went as high as 4% for Turkish queries where Web spam is typically higher as compared to other’s.
Google told us this unique update is an international rollout and it affects different languages to different degrees, but these impacts English queries by about 0.2% to a notice able degree.
The Second Update has been released on May 2014 Few Hours Before rolling out google panda 4.0 Updates. Till now, there is no official  information reagarding affect of Payday Loan Algorithm Updates, But according to Google Experts it may affect more international spam queries rather English queries as I mentioned above so,it has affected many queries in different languages, But again in Low Percentage.
Which Type Of queries is affected by Algorithm(PayDay Loan)
We Already Explained bout the affects of this Algorithm is spam type, gambling or pornographic queries which is not suitable for users and many of the users complained about the issue to last year. Those complaints was done because many spam websites using "Payday Loan" keyword in domain Name getting High Rankings in SERPs using some unnatural link building techniques. They are just getting High rankings in Few days, which seems to be spammy. So, this is the reason they introduced this update to remove this kind of spam from Google.
How we know website affected By Payday Loan Algorithm:
I have searched last year record found that it affect small no of quries.So, the majority chances would be no that affect your site, especially if you not related to any spam and not linking to any such spammy website. 

So, you should more worry about Google"s other algorithms (Google Panda and Penguin) and Optimize your site to perform well. Those updates are more important than this one because this will not hurt you if you are not doing any spam stuff. But those algorithms will hurt you if you have accidentally broken any tiny rule. So, I will recommend Reading below given Post. That will help you in that matter.

 I suspect those were tests for both this Google Spam Algorithm version 2.0 and the Panda4.0 release.

How to Pray As Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him) Prayed By Faheen Ahmed

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As Salamu Alaikum brother's and sister's Today Alhamdulillah i have write most important topic in Islam that "How to Pray As Prophet Muhammad(P.b.u.h) prayed"

I have come across various imam used to say how to offer “Salah”,i was wondering that i pray correctly how prophet muhammad(pbuh) prayed.

 When i compared hadith related with my salah i was astonish i found many errors in my salah then Alhamdulillah i found “prophet way of offering salah” i would like to share how Prophet prayed.

See Also:Why We are Muslims?

 Here i am going to say how to offer salah with performing Wudu in a correct way as prophet muhammad(pbuh) prayed. In shaa allah by this book you can find how prophet muhammad(pbuh) prayed.

 Many of you think that there is difference in salah between men and women.No,there is only one type of salah for both men and women by following this hadith prophet muhammad said pray as you seen me praying.There is not an single hadith which says the

difference in salah between men and women. The Prophet (pbuh) said, 

'Pray as you have seen me praying' (Sahih Bukhari Book 1 Vol 1, Hadith 604).

I have Written a Book in this you can find how Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) prayed, I have given clear explanation with image's so that every one can easily understand the concept's of Prayer in better manner.

Pray as Seen Me Praying Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) from Faheen Ahmed

If you have any Doubt's Regarding the Prayer, Comment Below

Jazakallahu khairn,

Allah Knows the Best

How to Drive Huge Traffic To Website By Increasing Search Engine Traffic

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If you have a website you need traffic, it should speak of itself but it goes wrong and get down your visitors should know your website if it in first place of google search. Especially if your running a even based site.

I have asked a various successful entrepreneur to share their view on driving huge traffic to website via organic search engine to your business or brand website.

1)Use Google Keyword Tool 

If your starting a new niche Website always plan keyword according to site content it give's best result in your search engine as organic traffic, Use Long Tail Keyword's that are not as much competitive,Then structure some content some of around those.

Best Recommend Tool:- Google Keyword Planner tool

2)Use Long Tail Keyword

If your Running a new site, it is difficult to go right away popular keyword.The better quality of articles on very specific keyword than to go after ones with search engine traffic.The Greatest Benefit of using long tail keyword that usually convert better as well.I always use HitTail which drives targeted search engine visitors to your website by focusing on most popular and promising organic keywords in your existing system. 

3)Stick Around

For The related Keyword, the longer the business and producing quality articles the more like to get search engine results.Starting a Website which has more no of content is always welcome, But keeping those activity for an year has difference in keeping a month.

4)Optimize Your Article

There is three main you need to focus and ingredient to successful optimize web page of your article.
  • Meta Title.
  • Keyword.
  • Description. 

This is a some work you need to do while releasing or publishing the article,so do it each time when your publishing articles then you will start knowing rank for your keyword much faster.

5)Link Building Do ethically: 

Keyword Links are the foundation of off page SEO.Use some free link's to build your website i know some of the .edu or .org sites where we can build many backlinks from single site

You can interact with the website by commenting it.If your doing it then defiantly your page rank as well as Alexa Rank will increase.

6)Providing Amazing Articles and Valuable to Reader's:

When it comes to organic search engine traffic content play a vital role so you can do content marketing through Blogging or By Guest Post is the fastest way to build huge traffic.However we know content marketing is a quality game.

For Example: If your content is Low people won't read it and share it.

My experience why i write any content first i think and do research on them plan and i write a quality content which would give me a huge response of traffic.

7)Always Think Of SEO 

SEO->Search Engine Optimization, If you think it's a game then no use of it while your running your website for long time till you do no how to do proper seo then waste of to drive traffic from search engine.

Create a high quality article that will index on google will deem search worthy.Creating a quality content that enjoy readers stay longer in the site while blogger needs much Organic Links.

8)Reduce Bounce Rate:

There is thing search engines hate, it is a high bounce rate. Check your keywords for this, and optimize those pages to reduce your bounce rate. Search engines will love you for it.You also get more traffic.

Hope you have enjoyed our article based on drive huge traffic to website via search engine's.Done research and Recommend you so sure you will get much traffic. 

Effective Tips To Control High Blood Pressure

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High Blood Pressure is the common Problem Now that affect lot of people There are many ways you can control the blood pressure by doing meditation,hearing Music etc..But obviously these is not a right treatment because they always control it temporally.You can Follow My 9 effective tips to control High Blood Pressure in today's life style, Balanced Diet.

Here in this post i will give you high effective tips to control high blood pressure.

1)Fruits and Fresh Vegetable: 

 Of course you diet should contain Fresh Fruits and Vegetable, Start Taking Green and Leafy vegetable like broccoli,Cabbage etc. You need to take Watermelon,Banana,Oranges and Potatoes.These fruits has high water content and has rich concentration of Potassium.This Helps in Full Control Over Blood Pressure

2)Low Fat Diet:

When you feel that you have high blood pressure you need to balance the diet by controlling yourself from high fat diet such as chips,pizza etc.You need to add low fat diet to your balanced sheet like diary products.

3)Protein Rich Diet:

Your Diet Should Be High Protein like if your eating low protein item then your body need's high protein like chicken,red meat,fish,egg etc.

4)Beans,Seeds And Nuts:

Include this item in your food like Kidney Beans,Nuts,Cannellini Beans and Peanut butter in your diet.This can help your Maintaining in High Blood Pressure.

5)Healthy Oil:

If Your Using Normal Oil Better Switch to Olive oil it helps in Maintaining High Blood Pressure.And use Low Margarine in your diet.This Item Contains omega 3 fatty acids so it enriches and maintain your Blood Pleasure.

6)Reduce Intake of Sugar And Alcohol:

If your Having High Blood Pressure then you need to avoid intake of sugar and Alcohol,Also you need to avoid high fat content this item's can increase the blood pleasure as well as damage the blood cells.

7)Always Monitor your Blood Pleasure:

If Your changing your diet it is recommended to buy a blood pressure monitor to check the blood pressure, Changing diet can cause high blood pressure by following this you can note the chances.

Are you concerned about your unstable blood pressure? Are you looking for a natural remedy that can help you in maintaining your blood pressure? If you are looking for an alternative remedy to deal with your chronic blood pressure problem then try out some of the tips that i tell you,diet changes and  that can give you some guaranteed results.  By switching to a healthy diet program that contains lots of fruits and green vegetables, you can definitely help your body in lowering your blood pressure. Apart from diet you should also make some lifestyle changes like regular exercise and proper rest.